In 2021, I completed the After Effects Kickstart Course with School of Motion to refresh my motion design skills. I have been creating motion graphics for ten years but it is always good to learn new things and expand my skill set. We started with the basics in week one and built up to creating a fully animated 30 second video in week 8.
This is Nostril Corks, a 30 second animated explainer video. The goals of this project were to put my skills together, animate multiple scenes and understand the basics of transitions.
The artwork was provided by Ariel Costa and the soundtrack by Joey Korenman.
This is Epic Lyric Smackdown, a kinetic type video. The goals for this project were to get a feel for good timing, learn the basics of layers and gain experience working with sound.
This is Wow Factory, an animation that brings artwork from Photoshop and Illustrator to life. The goals of this project were to use Photoshop and Illustrator with After Effects, gain a basic understanding of rigging and understand masking/mattes.
This is my Awesome Mix Tape animation. The goals of this project were to use shape layers and explore different types of keyframes and motion paths to customize and create amazing animations. I created the tape artwork using Adobe Illustrator.

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